251  Manufacture of structural metal products, tanks, reservoirs and steam generators
 2511 Manufacture of structural metal products
   This class excludes:
   - manufacture of parts for marine or power boilers, see 2513
   - manufacture of assembled railway track fixtures, see 2599
   - manufacture of sections of ships, see 3011
  25111Manufacture of doors, windows and their frames, shutters and rolling shutters, gates and similer articles used on buildings
  25112Manufacture of metal frameworks or skeletons for construction and parts thereof ((towers, masts, trusses, bridges etc.)
  25113Manufacture of industrial frameworks in metal (frameworks for blast furnaces, lifting and handling equipment etc.)
  25119Manufacture of other structural metal products
 2512 Manufacture of tanks, reservoirs and containers of metal
   This class excludes:
    -  manufacture of metal casks, drums, cans, pails, boxes etc. of a kind normally used for carrying and packing of goods (irrespective of size), see 2599
   - manufacture of transport containers, see 2920
   - manufacture of tanks (armored military vehicles), see 3040
  25121Manufacture of metal containers for compressed or liquefied gas
  25122Manufacture of metal reservoirs, tanks and similar containers
  25123Manufacture of central heating boilers and radiators and parts and accessories thereof
  25129Manufacture of other containers n.e.c.
 2513 Manufacture of steam generators, except central heating hot water boilers
   This class excludes:
   - manufacture of central heating hot-water boilers and radiators, see 2512
   - manufacture of boiler-turbine sets, see 2811
   - manufacture of isotope separators, see 2829
  25131Manufacture of steam or other vapour generating boilers and hot water boilers other than central heating boilers
  25132Manufacture of nuclear reactors, except isotope separators
  25133Manufacture of auxiliary plant for use with steam generators (condensers, economizers, superheaters, steam collectors and accumulators)
  25139Manufacture of other steam generators (except central heating hot water boilers), n.e.c.
252  Manufacture of weapons and ammunition
 2520 Manufacture of weapons and ammunition
   This class includes manufacture of heavy weapons (artillery, mobile guns, rocket launchers, torpedo tubes, heavy machine guns), manufacture of small arms (revolvers, shotguns, light machine guns), manufacture of air or gas guns and pistols, manufacture of war ammunition, manufacture of hunting, sporting or protective firearms and ammunition, manufacture of explosive devices such as bombs, mines and torpedoes
   This class excludes:
   - manufacture of percussion caps, detonators or signalling flares, see 2029
   - manufacture of cutlasses, swords, bayonets etc., see 2593
    -  manufacture of armoured vehicles for the transport of banknotes or valuables, see 2910
   - manufacture of space vehicles, see 3030
   - manufacture of tanks and other fighting vehicles, see 3040
  25200Manufacture of weapons and ammunition
259  Manufacture of other fabricated metal products; metalworking service activities
 2591 Forging, pressing, stamping and roll-forming of metal; powder metallurgy
   This class includes, forging, pressing, stamping and roll forming of metal, production of metal objects directly from metal powders by heat treatment (sintering) or under pressure
   This class excludes:
   - production of metal powder, see 2410, 2420
  25910Forging, pressing, stamping and roll-forming of metal; powder metallurgy
 2592 Machining; treatment and coating of metals
   This class includes, plating, anodizing etc. of metal, heat treatment of metal, deburring, sandblasting, tumbling, cleaning of metals, colouring, engraving, printing of metal non-metallic coating of metal, hardening, buffing of metal, boring, turning, milling, eroding, planing, lapping, broaching, levelling, sawing, grinding, sharpening, polishing, welding, splicing etc. of metalwork pieces, cutting of and writing on metals by means of laser beams
   This class excludes:
   - activities of farriers, see 0162
   - rolling precious metals onto base metals or other metals, see 2420
  25920Machining; treatment and coating of metals
 2593 Manufacture of cutlery, hand tools and general hardware
   This class excludes:
    - manufacture of hollowware (pots, kettles etc.), dinnerware (bowls, platters etc.) or flatware (plates, saucers etc.), see 2599
   - manufacture of power-driven hand tools, see 2818
   - manufacture of ingot moulds, see 2823
   - manufacture of cutlery of precious metal, see 3211
  25931Manufacture of cutlery such as knives, forks, spoons, cleavers, choppers, razors, razor blades, scissors, hair clippers etc.
  25932Manufacture of hand tools (non-power-driven) for agricultural/horticulture/forestry
  25933Manufacture of hand tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, press tools, blacksmiths’ tools, drills, punches, milling cutters etc.
  25934Manufacture of padlocks, locks, keys, hinges and the like, hardware for buildings, furniture, vehicles etc.
  25939Manufacture of general hardware (saws and sawblades, including circular sawblades and chainsaw blades, moulding boxes, vices, clamps etc.)
 2599 Manufacture of other fabricated metal products n.e.c.
   This class excludes:
   - manufacture of tanks and reservoirs, see 2512
   - manufacture of swords, bayonets, see 2593
   - manufacture of clock or watch springs, see 2652
   - manufacture of wire and cable for electricity transmission, see 2732
   - manufacture of power transmission chain, see 2814
   - manufacture of shopping carts, see 3099
   - manufacture of metal furniture, see 3100
   - manufacture of sports goods, see 3230
   - manufacture of games and toys, see 3240
  25991Manufacture of metal fasteners (nails, rivets, tacks, pins, staples, washers and similar non-threaded products and nuts, bolts, screws and other threaded products)
  25992Manufacture of containers such as tins and cans for food products and boxes
  25993Manufacture of metal cable and other articles made of wire (except for electric transmission)
  25994Manufacture of metal household articles (plates, saucers, pots, kettles, saucepans, frying pans and other non-electrical utensils, small hand-operated kitchen appliances and accessories)
  25995Manufacture of metal sanitaryware such as baths, sinks, washbasins and similar articles
  25996Manufacture of reinforced safes, vaults, strongroom doors, gates and metal goods for office use (other than office furniture) and other purposes
  25999Manufacture of other fabricated metal products n.e.c.